Certified Krystic Energy Server Level 3
Certified Krystic Energy Server Level 3

As a certified Krystic Energy Server I have the ability to set up a safe container for you to express your heart’s intentions and receive a great healing on physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, ancestral, maternal and paternal, soul & monadic level by pulling out all misinformation that are causing your life to be disharmonious.

Together we will dive into the mysteries of your being and unravel any old stories and excavate old wounds and traumas that are ready to be seen, acknowledged and healed.

The Krystic Energy System has the potential for full body healing, miracle manifestation and ascension using celestial healing/wholing technology that connects me to the Cosmic, Galactic, Solar and Earth fields of consciousness and specific frequency bandwidths. The intention for you is to experience an elevation in your beingness, a connection of purpose, a peace and acceleration of your soul’s mission that you have never before known.

I wish to share a little bit more about this wonderful system, so that you know you are truly receiving the highest energy available.

The New Paradigm of Energy Healing

The Krystic Energy System® is a newly manifested technology that Shekinah Kryst and Sananda Kryst, founders and creators of TwinRay have brought from a future timeline of Earth’s Golden Age.

The Krystic Energy System connects directly to the purest, most potent, most sacred and pristine energy field of consciousness. It is a direct link to the Cosmic Kryst and Krystal Star. This system goes beyond healing to create Wholing, a new paradigm in healing. The KES is the most advanced energy system available and increases Wholing on all levels.

This Comprehensive Energy System will utilize the Krystic Field of Consciousness in conjunction with advanced celestial technology, the Solar intelligence and Neutrinos produced by the sun and the Earth’s crystalline matrix, to imbue all levels of the physical body and light body with Krystic alchemy and commence the potential for miraculous abilities.

The energy system has the potential to alter the very fabric of what is considered ‘healing’, and upscale the efficacy and practice of any and all modalities of one that has already learned from previous certifications and healing methods. Although, one may combine their previous healing practice with the Krystic Energy System® for a vast increase in power and healing ability, it is a stand alone and is intended to far exceed any current healing practices. This system is Energetic Alchemy and as it comes from the future, it is a new paradigm of ‘whole-ing’ without need for slow process.

The Krystic Energy System® is not a modality. It is a multi-realm experience of merging and unifying with the Krystic Field to co-facilitate miracles. The KES is measurably the most advanced energy healing/whole-ing system available.

Already I have witnessed and experienced very profound healings, upgrades and miracles in mere days after working with the KES myself.

Truly anything can be addressed in a session using the KES.

It offers

🪄 Calm

🪄 Peace

🪄 Clarity

🪄 Focus

🪄 It has the potential to unlock magical doorways for and within you

🪄 Full body Healing


It clears, removes and heals


🪄 Stress, overwhelm, anxiety, jealousy, greed, overindulgence, fear of death, hatred, disrespect, distrust, shame, sadness, regret, false pride, apathy, laziness, indecision and so many more variations

🪄 Hidden and trapped emotions

🪄 Limiting beliefs, negative programming and conditionings

🪄 Old repetitive patterns andbehaviors/ the root cause for addictions

🪄 Energetic signatures of any dissonances in your field that have the potential to create diseases

🪄 Ancestral karma

🪄 Soul wounds

🪄 Old soul contracts

🪄 Looping patterns that keep repeating over and over again

🪄 It restores Past Life memories and heals Karma

🪄 It eliminates viruses at a deep cellular level

🪄 It eradicate illness, including those resistant to conventional treatments

🪄 It helps harmonize and balance all relationships (everything you relate to) in your life

🪄 It creates a barrier of protection and initiates synergistic alignment to the cosmic forces

🪄 It brings the body and all its subsequent energy bodies into perfect harmony

🪄 It increases LightCultivation for Greater Ascension

And so much more…


It is my honor to be able to serve you in this manner and it is my intention that you are also able to experience the miracles that are possible through the KES.

You can read more about the founders of the Krystic Energy System® here

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For energy readings, please send an email. ❤️
I offer 15min ($11-$22) and 45min ($44) readings.

1 Krystic Energy System® Session (Only Energy Work)


1 Krystic Energy System® & Mentoring Session


1 Creative Expression Of The Soul Healing Session

3-4 hours

3 Krystic Energy System® & Mentoring Sessions

8 Krystic Energy System® & Mentoring Sessions


Land – Home – BIZ Property Clearing

Krystic Energy System®


Free Discovery Call – Heart-Based Mentorship

(3,6, 9 or 12 month)

Payments are made via Paypal. If you are located in Germany or Iceland payments can be made via bank transfer. Contact me here for further details. 


If any of these dates/ times in my booking system won’t work for you, please leave me a message and we will figure something out. 

There is a solution for everything. Do not hesitate to reach out if you need a payment plan.


With Love and Joy,

Pia Avia


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