Pia is a true embodiment of peace. She has been following her heart and soul consciously for a decade now and is always surprised by the magic and wonders of this spiritual journey when you fully trust and surrender to the Divine.

Trusting her soul’s calling she’s left Germany and moved to Iceland, the magical and mysterious land of fire and ice to be fully of service to the Divine.

Pia is highly intuitive and uses her psychic abilities and her soul’s wisdom in all of her offerings as a mentor, teacher, healer, artist and creator of multi-dimensional art. As a certified Krystic Energy Server she has the mastery and ability to bring forth the highest frequencies possible using the Krystic Energy System® (KES) which allows her to perform profound 1:1 & group healings and land & home clearings to support Gaia’s ascension. 

In selfless service and with all her life experiences, her knowledge, wisdom and all the classes and courses she’s taken so far she is able to hold a very powerful, pure, loving and compassionate container for the client/ receiver to receive great healing on all levels and layers of their field. Her healing sessions are beyond understanding and assist in changing someone’s trajectory onto an ascending spiral. 

She’s been truly mastering a lot of challenges/ opportunities with ease and grace and loves to share how to navigate through these transformative times with her 1:1 mentoring, 1:1 and group KES healing sessions, remote healings and art workshops with the focus on healing childhood traumas and relationships. Intuitively guided she will take you to other lifetimes, past memory points in this lifetime or offer a family constellation to reveal repetitive patterns if needed. 

She began offering her services as a Strategy Coach, Spiritual Life Coach & Soul Alignment Coach and has now become a certified Krystic Energy Server (trained by Sananda Ji & Shekinah Ma) which brought her to a complete new level of service work and a deeper embodiment of universal truth and wisdom which she will be sharing more with those that are ready to receive.

The creativity of her Soul is endless and magical which can be felt and experienced through her multi-dimensional art (Instagram HighHeartPortals).” 

My intention for you is to become whole again and to feel empowered, liberated and sovereign.

Living in my heart and sharing my inherent wisdom in deepest gratitude with you. Words and codes are flowing effortlessly like a fresh breeze over your skin and into your being, assisting you to remember and awaken.

I really love and enjoy what I do and that is living my purpose, doing what I am meant to do and what fills me with joy.

Divine gifts and talents have been returning back into my being piece by piece. Understanding the very nature of another being, reading their energy field and architecture, feeling their lifestreams, challenges and needs… is only a part of what I am utilising in my work as well as offering and sharing my experiences and some practical tips that have assisted me in the past.

Since I can remember I had the ability to feel the invisible. Back then I had no idea that it was a divine gift. It took me some time to actually appreciate my sensitivity to energies but especially distorted and inorganic energies. I knew when someone was lying , I knew when someone said something but had a different intention in mind, I knew what people wanted without them even saying anything. Reading peoples energies or mind scares people, I totally get that. But the truth is that we can all do it. We’ve just forgotten how.

Let me use my divine gifts to assist you on your journey. Let me assist you in excavating and breaking down your old programs, old beliefs, old patterns, old behaviours, blocks, limitations, defences and barriers as well as your Soul karma and Ancestral karma. Let us clear everything that stands in your way of remembering your True Self, your Divine Self.

Quiet your mind and open your heart ❤️

I expect miracles to occur in a session. They can be big or subtle. The first miracle for you though is to remember that YOU ARE the Miracle. While we dismantle the old and allow the NEW to come forth. You will be taken on a journey within through an intuitively guided meditation/ activation/ transmission to assist you to transform on the deepest level of your being-ness and your consciousness.

I have added a new offering to my services for you to heal, expand and tap into your own creativity.


Creative Expression Of The Soul Healing Session:

You are invited into a sacred container (in person or online) of Magic and Miracles to receive a deep and transformative healing of the Soul by expressing yourself creatively. In this 3hr workshop we will pin point what you wish to let go of (beliefs, conditionings, hidden emotions, traumas and more…) and get clear on what you wish to experience and create in your life. I will use my psychic abilities to bring the unseen to the surface. Together we will do a water blessing and use this sacred element as our teacher & guide to give the healing work more of a depths.

Watercolors or Aquarelle pencils, simple brushes and paper (preferably aquarelle paper) are required for this session. If you don’t have any watercolors or Aquarelle pencils, you can also use vegetable juices. Crayons or any other drawing and painting material are an option if you don’t mind to skip the water blessing.

The intention of this session is to connect with your soul and let it speak. You will create a piece of art that is going to support your healing journey. The entire time you will be held in a Krystic Energy Container, overlit by the Divine Cosmic Kryst.

It is my pleasure to work with you. ❤️


With Love and Joy,

Pia Avia