What my clients have to say about my work 🙏


Thanks for the KES healing Wholing session last week. I m forever Grateful!! It indeed changed my life! It was exactly what I needed for my next level in my Ascension love journey ! Before the session I asked for my right leg to be healed and my skin rashes to be healed. During the session I experienced healing, opening, transformation on my throat chakra ( from old Motherly wounds and separation) . I felt so much Love and Joy during our session as my Child Chryst was reborn . This Joy my true essence was hidden before the session. ( I knew it was there because I had moments that I was experiencing it ). After our session this Joy that I Am ! My true Power is more and more present! I feel happier!! I feel there is no separation in my Heart! I feel Wholeness!! My skin rashes are almost gone and my skin is more vibrant!! My right leg is improving and I feel more balanced ! My voice my throat is getting stronger!! I feel I Am embodying my Chryst Logos , my Truth! Thankful for ever!! My Huge Graditute!!! Pia You are a Blessing for Humanity!! Your Heart ❤️ is so pure Diamond 💎 Love,  Chistos Sophia !!!

TavaMa from Cyprus

Salome says

Had not been feeling well for the past couple of weeks with limitations to energy flow and gut-related discomfort. Working on self, felt the gut was connected to releasing past life and karmic experiences and today was no different..Session began and we both picked up 8 on the akarmic clock and were in sync throughout the session.  Pia began working on the gut area and had called in Shekinah and Sananda for assistance.  I became aware the gut was bringing forth a memory of yet another life experience that carried grieving and a forgiveness opportunity. Having had many past life experiences, this one was new to me. As the area began to clear, I observed a golden sun in the center of the gut area which led to a lower number on the clock.  We both sensed it was one or both Beloveds.  Pia then worked on the chakras that appeared connected to energy flow using her intuitive nature (much apparent throughout the session). At some point I declared feeling normal again for the first time after experiencing discomfort for a 2-week time period. It was in that moment we both knew 12:00 still point had been reached and Pia then completed the session. Thank you with loving blessings Pia, to the Beloveds and KES for their participation in what has been received and released.

Salome from the United States

Duane says

I received a very nice kes session from Pia. I was in a very deep relaxed state seeing colors in my mind. Her gentle and patient care was shown throughout the session. I look forward to my next time!

Duane from the United States

Bettina says

When I met Pia virtually for the first time it was and is a divine present for this moment in my stressful life where I’m healing from breastcancer and a lot of emotional trauma’s and fear for the future.

Being with Pia is being hold in a sacred space, I was guided to come out of my stressful anxious mind and take seat in my heart space where I found profound timeless peace and surrender, only staying aware of my breath and heartbeats, and sometimes Pia’s voice as a guide.

This limitless peace expanded and brought me in my core being and even my eyes followed at a certain moment and found rest in this center, letting me know how mostly of the time my eyes are looking outwards, thinking it is outside of me that I need to go to find solutions and safety.

Since then I’m now aware every moment of this peaceful place in my core being where I can find rest and surrender, instead of being overwhelmed by fearful thoughts who have their own flow of more fear and stress.

I’m very thankful that Pia showed me the “key” to finding profound peace every moment in every situation, a place of INNER  SAFETY  in a turbulent outside world.

This is ultimate FREEDOM for now and always

Thank you, thank you, thank you

Bettina from Belgium

Dawn says

Pia provided deep insight and helped me to take my business/ passions and thoughts to the next level. Heartfelt prayer, light activation codes and affirmation practices were just part of the wonderful experience. She has made a huge positive impact in my life, now I feel more prepared and energized to move my life forward trusting the unfolding of a divine plan that I’m humbled to be a part of. I have also learned to trust my guides, my intuition and the helpers from spirit more and more everyday. Pia is the gift that you give yourself because you believe in your potential and trust in the divine force of nature.

Dawn from the United States

Yota says

Some months ago I participated in an 8-week transformational journey with Pia.

My aim was to understand myself better, to ease my life and to get some answers.

Even before starting the sessions I already felt good with my decision because of the gift I was going to offer myself. From the minute I met Pia I felt welcomed, I felt her caring attitude.  Even from the first session, I received many answers and released much unnecessary emotional weight. Pia is so kind and open, it makes it impossible not to feel comfortable. I felt safe with her presence. I felt accepted. She reminded me of many things, she made me look through a cleaner lens. Pia prompted me with taking responsibility of my life. I saw my personal life nurturing. It stopped feeling so difficult. She was always close to me for whatever I needed. Not to forget that the activations, meditations included, were truly helpful. I have to add that during the period of the sessions I felt unusually well. Pia is a really sweet and strong personality. You definitely have to be courageous to open your heart and let yourself be seen. That’s why I trust her, adore her and thank her. What you do for yourself you do it for all of us and it’s inspiring. Deeply grateful.


Tracey says

Thank you, beloved Pia, the session today revealed a lot and gave me much to feel into, dredge up, and transmute. ✨💛✨🙏✨

Your KES sessions are magical always, beloved, a real treat! 💕

I love you, precious Pia. 


Tracey from the United States

Jenny says

I am so beyond blessed to have worked with beautiful 🤩 beloved Pia for 9 months now. And to say it’s been the best and most direct and amazing journey thus far is a massive understatement. Haha 🤩🤩🤩 It has been beyond what I set out to do originally in my healing/wholing. She has been truly beyond this world helpful.  As we are all trying to find our way back to love and truly embody it on a daily basis … the KES energy work Pia does gets u directly there!  It’s amazing!!! I’ve done many healing modalities and have learned and taken many classes regarding spirituality, healing, wholistic nutrition, yoga, meditation, breath work, cold baths, fitness & health and the KES is the best way to show and feel the love that was always there and the best part is that the more u stay in that vibration, the longer and longer u can hold that loving vibration throughout ur day/life/journey. And when questions come up, Pia has the best loving & gentle guidance, allowing u to see with ur own inner eye 👁️ , the best & most loving way forward, honoring & loving all involved. 💗💗💕💕💕
I am so grateful to dear Pia for her love and life’s work and may she continue helping many more souls beyond me & my family. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


Eve says

Es war eine besondere und schöne Erfahrung für mich.

Ich spüre einen Energiedurchfluss durch alle meine Chakren und auch sonst bin ich sehr ausgeglichen.

Vielen lieben Dank für dein Wirken.

Eve from Germany

Tracey says

I want to share with you all that I had a KES session with our beloved Pia yesterday, and it was the most sacred and emotionally healing experience of being enfolded and nurtured in the arms of the Divine Mother that I have ever experienced. It was so soothing, so multidimensional and transformative. Every time I think about it, it rises and ripples within me again and I am once again held in the arms of Divine Mother. I am so grateful for this precious gift. 💫✨💜✨💫

Tracey from the United States

Carole says

Dear Pia, I am writing to thank you for the sessions we did together. I found them to be so helpful and magical. On our first session I noticed a big difference in my energy. When we started I had a lot going on in my life and I felt scattered and a bit overwhelmed. After our session together where we did a beautiful meditation and you shared all the beautiful things you saw happening for me to heal and adjust my energy field, I felt so calm and centered and peaceful and I still do! The shift was permanent. I want to thank you so much for that. Your work is beautiful and so caring and so supportive. You have such a loving heart and soothing nature. It is a joy to work with you and I would encourage anyone in need of healing of any kind, to contact you and book a healing session. Much love to you

Carole from South Africa

Xenia says

My intention was to let go of what is keeping me to receive the love of source and our session helped me to identify and bring healing to what that was. When you did the clearing I could feel the shifts in my body and I have been feeling more connected with source energy since our session. What I like about you as a practitioner is how you hold this space with so much love and confidence. It makes me feel calm and held, and encourages me to trust in the divine. Thank you so much🙏