Welcome Beloved Soul ❤️

I am excited to share with you the endless creativity of my Soul. Everything I create is to inspire, motivate and activate parts within you that have been lost or forgotten. 


Last year I started to download these magical, divine & multi-dimensional paintings/ creations which I call HighHeartPortals. 

Every painting is unique and created for one special Soul. Are you the One?

Soon I will be offering HighHeartAltars as sacred interior design.

But for now I wish to share a bit more about these magical creations which work on multi-dimensional level. All HighHeartPortals are crafted with Love and infused with higher wisdom and have the potential to unlock the vast potential of your Soul. They have their own intelligence that allows them to work directly on your bio-energy field, your soul, past lives, your astrology and so much more… 

All those sacred teachings and the deep wisdom that I’ve received, remembered and embodied over the last couple of years is encoded in each HighHeartPortal.


As the name explains, these are portals to higher consciousness – when one allows to go deeper into their own world/ worlds divine love & magic can be revealed 🪄💕🔮

Many years ago I decided to get a Soul reading by a very lovely person and this is what I was told: “She is the great Definer, the one who works with defining the patterns and sacred coded geometries, and that which pertains the sacred knowledge contained there-in and acts like definer, an oracle or someone who reads these energetically and then transmits it, or channels it in order to assist other souls to live their highest soul purpose and calling” & “Now you are a healer in your own right, but you work on a much higher and different level than is normally understood.  You work with reading the sacred geometrical patterns within souls, for each soul has a unique mandala, or blueprint, and this in the form of sacred geometry, plus colour light and sound.  Each soul has their own unique one and this what you read.  You will read this and then will help the soul accordingly.  Now you were meant to channel this, or transmit it, to the person who was consulting you…You merely accessed information via the reading of their soul mandalas, and exactly what they needed to let go of, forgive and heal in this lifetime!”

Today I have fully innerstood/ understood the Soul reading and I am so grateful to have followed my path to get where I am at today to be able to do what I do.

If it is your hearts calling to receive one of those HighHeartPortals  feel free to reach out. I am open & ready to receive commissions from now on.

Gift yourself and order your Unique HighHeartPortal that suits your Soul. It would be my greatest honor 💕

With Love & Joy,

Pia Avia


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High Heart Portals – I am open for commissions – Receive your unique Portal – for sizes and prices send an email 🌸
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Light Encoded Suncatcher (sold out)
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Light Encoded Images (to inspire and uplift..)
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