Transcendence of Duality


All HighHeartPortals are currently exhibited at @mamareykjavik. You can experience them by connecting with their consciousness by looking at them, feeling them with your energy field or by meditating on it.


🌸 Multidimensionality – You got to feel it 🌸

This is HighHeartPortal #13
For Sale

It is called Transcendence of Duality and invites you on a mystical journey.

Feel, see & connect to receive its transmission.

This is healing art. Its purpose is to help you heal and return back to wholeness by touching all your inner senses to awaken your memory of who you truly are beyond time and space.

Let those portals touch you, your magnificence and your sacred heart. Allow them to take you back home, opening up those pathway within to remember that you are multidimensional and connected to all sorts of realms and realities.


With love & joy,

Pia Avia 🌸🌸🌸

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Original Painting, Print, Postcard