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I would love to share with you some trends that will be a huge part of our future. From healing technologies to a new payment system, expect the unexpected. HUmanity is transitioning into a new paradigm and you are going to be part of it.

A new paradigm in healing

Book your KES sessions here – The Krystic Energy System® is a Newly Manifested technology that Sananda & Shekinah, the founders of twinray.com have brought to us from a future timeline of Earth’s Golden Age. 

You can read more about it here.

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To meet the creators, learn more extensive information about the Krystic Energy System® or to become a certified Krystic Energy System practitioner, keep on reading..

If you are interested in the TwinRays mission and their offerings or even feel the calling to become a Krystic Energy Server, Golden Age Energetics or GAE is a wonderful and life changing 7 day Online course & retreat that I highly suggest. It is also the prerequisite course to all Krystic Energy System Level 1, 2 & 3 courses. 

Click here to learn more about Golden Age Energetics.

What was shared by the TwinRays is that it is now possible to do the KES – Krystic Energy System® Level1 – without having taken the Golden Age Energetics first. Level 1 is for those that would love to learn how to heal and whole themselves.

Click here to learn more about Krystic Energy System® Level1.

I also would love to share with you some amazing future technologies from Bloooming Life that will change your life forever. Wrap yourself and your Loved ones in a strengthening vital field and unleash your life force with:

The Sternenlotos is just one technology from Bloooming Life that will change your life.

From high vibrational jewelry to the vitalisation and harmonisation of your home, kitchen or office… this technology transmutes it all into life giving energies.    

Bloooming water

Converts 5G cellular radiation into pure life energy and restores the primal information of life.

Sternenlotos Sweet Dreams

Sleep wonderfully in harmonious and high vibrational frequencies so that your system can regenerate optimally night after night.

Sternenlotos Sweet Home

The perfect vitalisation and harmonisation for living spaces of all sizes to unfold your life force.

Sternenlotos Sweet Work

Whether wellness area, sales room, office, warehouse or production facility: The Sternenlotos vitalises rooms gently and powerfully at the same time.

Sternenlotos CAR

The complete vitalization of your vehicle. Suitable for cars (also for electric/hybrid), motorhomes, vans and trucks.

Sternenlotos FIRE

The first fully comprehensive harmonization and vitalization of induction hotplates and microwave ovens.

Sternenlotos WATER

Hexagonal, high swing and clockwise water for the whole home. Light as a feather, mobile and easy to install.

Sternenlotos STARGATE


Let yourself go on a journey to yourself. The STARGATE provides stability, grounding, cleansing, expansion, gentle transformation and connection to your true power.

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