The New Paradigm of Energy Healing

The Krystic Energy System® is a newly manifested technology that Shekinah Kryst and Sananda Kryst, founders and creators of TwinRay have brought from a future timeline of Earth’s Golden Age.

I wish to share a little bit about this wonderful system, so that you know you are truly receiving the highest energy available.

The Krystic Energy System connects directly to the purest, most potent, most sacred and pristine energy field of consciousness. It is a direct link to the Cosmic Kryst and Krystal Star. This system goes beyond healing to create Wholing, a new paradigm in healing. The KES is the most advanced energy system available and increases Wholing on all levels.

This Comprehensive Energy System will utilize the Krystic Field of Consciousness in conjunction with advanced celestial technology, the Solar intelligence and Neutrinos produced by the sun and the Earth’s crystalline matrix, to imbue all levels of the physical body and light body with Krystic alchemy and commence the potential for miraculous abilities.

The energy system has the potential to alter the very fabric of what is considered ‘healing’, and upscale the efficacy and practice of any and all modalities of one that has already learned from previous certifications and healing methods. Although, one may combine their previous healing practice with the Krystic Energy System® for a vast increase in power and healing ability, it is a stand alone and is intended to far exceed any current healing practices. This system is Energetic Alchemy and as it comes from the future, it is a new paradigm of ‘whole-ing’ without need for slow process.

The Krystic Energy System® is not a modality. It is a multi-realm experience of merging and unifying with the Krystic Field to co-facilitate miracles. The KES is measurably the most advanced energy healing/whole-ing system available.

Already I have witnessed and experienced very profound healings, upgrades and miracles in mere days after working with the KES myself.

Truly anything can be addressed in a session using the KES from

– Full body healing

– Eradicating illness

– Eliminating viruses deep at cellular levels

– Miracle manifestations

– Instant healing for someone who is suffering from deep inner trauma

– It greatly accelerates karmic removal for one who has been stuck in physical or emotional looping for possibly lifetimes

– and so much more…

It is my honor to be able to serve you in this manner and it is my intention that you are also able to experience the miracles that are possible through the KES.

You can read more about the founders of the Krystic Energy System® here.

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With Love and Joy,
Pia Avia

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To meet the creators, learn more extensive information about the Krystic Energy System® or to become a certified Krystic Energy System practitioner, keep on reading..

If you are interested in the TwinRays mission and their offerings or even feel the calling to become a Krystic Energy Server, Golden Age Energetics or GAE is a wonderful and life changing 7 day Online course & retreat that I highly suggest. It is also the prerequisite course to all Krystic Energy System Level 1, 2 & 3 courses. 

Click here to learn more about Golden Age Energetics.

What was shared by the TwinRays is that it is now possible to do the KES – Krystic Energy System® Level1 – without having taken the Golden Age Energetics first. Level 1 is for those that would love to learn how to heal and whole themselves.

Click here to learn more about Krystic Energy System® Level1.

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